Summer Wellness: Travel Edition

Summer Wellness: Travel Edition

Summer Wellness: Travel Edition

Next up in the Summer Wellness series is the Travel Edition! Summer travel season is upon us! Whether you are traveling by car (we are doing our currently on our annual roadtrip to Michigan!) or by plane, here are some tips and tricks to stay on track so that you feel well your whole vacation! Staying well this summer doesn’t have to be difficulty when traveling!

Staying on track when traveling

      1. Stay well hydrated, even if you’ll be in the car and that means stopping to use the facilities. Maintaining good hydration will keep your energy level up and help you to feel your best when you get to where you are going!
      2. Try to maintain your normal sleep schedule as much as possible. Tip: if you are traveling multiple timezones, melatonin can be helpful for a couple of days to help shift your circadian rhythm to the new timezone. 
      3. Pack healthy snacks so you are not left hangry or resorting to fast food. (see my list of our favorite travel snacks below!)
      4. Maintain some good eating habits while on vacation and fuel with things that make you feel good when you can so that you can feel your best and enjoy vacation! Certain places can be challenging to find healthier eat out options but even major fast food restaurants have some healthier options. Do a little planning and searching ahead of time in the areas that you will be so you can have some healthy spots and menu options ready to go. 
      5. Get some movement in daily. Even going for a walk to keep moving, especially if you will indulging a little more than usual. This will help to keep your blood sugar stable and energy more even. 
      6. Pack the things that will help you to feel your best. That might be your daily supplements or protein powder, your favorite non-toxic toiletries, or your eye mask to make any sleep scenario optimal, bring whatever will keep you and your health on track while you are away!

Our favorite roadtrip / travel snacks:

      1. Fresh or dried fruit
      2. Nuts and trail mix
      3. Chomps or Paleo Valley beef sticks
      4. Simple mills gluten free crackers
      5. Organic applesauce and fruit pouches
      6. RxBars and Luna Bars 
      7. MadeGood Granola Balls 
      8. Fruit leather strips 

As always try to keep your blood sugar balanced by having protein, fat or fiber with your carbohydrate snack or meal so that you have more stable energy and mood:) Another tip! If you are going to a BBQ or gathering this summer and holiday season, bring something healthy so you know there will be at least one thing that is colorful and healthy! 

Festive red, white and blue recipes for the 4th of July:

Red, White, and Blue Berry Cheesecake Bars (gluten free) – I have made these several times (even used less sugar than is on the recipe) and they are ALWAYS a hit!

Watermelon Feta Salad – I love a good sweet and salty combo and watermelon is perfect for this!

Red, White and Blue Fro-yo Bark – this cool and healthy treat will be great for kids and adults too cool down and indulge the sweet cravings!

4th of July Fruit Wands – This festive treat will be a hit with the little ones but a good cool side dish for everyone at the BBQ!

Festive Kombucha Mocktails – I’m always in for a good, refreshing mocktail (and cocktail) but add in some sparkling, probiotic kombucha and these mocktails are next level!

I hope everyone is enjoying this summer wellness series and this post on travel tips! I hope you are all also having a wonderful and safe summer!

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