Your Health Next Year

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Your Health Next Year

Your Health Next Year 

Where will your health be next year? Have you considered making changes or finally diving into some ongoing symptoms that simply won’t resolve on their own? Maybe you are a mom who has put yourself last on the list of priorities but you are ready to get your energy and vitality back. Maybe you are an endurance athlete and this last year’s races didn’t go as planned due to illness or injury or maybe they seemed harder than they should have despite excellent training. Or maybe you have been struggling with chronic symptoms with no answers and no resolution and are ready to take back your health. I am here to help!

The Current State of Healthcare

The US spends $3 trillion each year on health care, yet we have some of the worst outcomes when it comes to preventing chronic disease. It was reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association that the US comes in LAST when looking at premature death from chronic disease and infant mortality rates. This is not acceptable. Unfortunately, our current conventional healthcare system is not well equipped for true preventive care. It does sort of well at sick and emergency care but go to your primary care provider and ask for advice to stay healthy and you’ll get a few sentences *maybe* – “exercise, don’t smoke, eat well”. What does that even mean?! 

True preventive care takes a personalized approach taking into account detailed personal and family health history, lab work, wearable device data, AND patient preferences. Conventional medicine has turned into a big business between insurance companies, pharmacy benefit managers and hospital systems. With ever shrinking appointment times, there is not enough time to truly take a thorough history and get to know patients. We have been left with 10 minutes to diagnose and treat with a medication (because in 10 minutes there is simply not enough time to counsel on nutrition, sleep, stress and all the important pillars). So you get a drug for this symptom which causes x side effect and you get another medication for that. Trust me when I say (because I still practice in conventional medicine and work alongside caring, brilliant providers), most providers don’t want this either but they really have no other option when they are forced to see ever increasing numbers of patients in these big health systems. 

The Path Forward to True Wellness

So, there are a couple of options: keep doing what you are doing hoping something will change (the definition of insanity according to Einstein) OR take the time to INVEST in your health and wellness so that by this time next year you are in a totally different place, full of vitality and health for years to come! At Wild Rice Wellness, Healthcare meets Health Coaching. As a patient you get my clinical expertise, labs and medications/supplements ordered when needed and a partner in your path to wellness to make getting healthy easier! Need recipe ideas? Happy to help! On the go/travel snack ideas? Check! Accountability on making lifestyle change? I am just a text away! I offer truly unparalleled, personalized care and I LOVE IT! I will never claim to know everything, but what I am always happy to do is research and come up with a plan (and refer you to the right person if it is not me!). 

Book a free 15 minute consultation call to see how I can help up-level your health. Make your health next year a priority! There are a few new patient spots open through the end of the year or book for January to start your health and wellness off on the right foot in 2024! To learn more about Wild Rice Wellness, click HERE!