Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained Infertility. Is it really unexplained? Or have the missing pieces just not been uncovered? Unexplained infertility is a really frustrating diagnosis. The good news, I am here to tell you, is that there are many aspects of fertility that do not get attention in the conventional model and may just be the missing piece! Functional medicine to the rescue!

Preconception Care: the conventional model

In the conventional model, preconception care goes something like this:

  • Come off of birth control. 
  • Start a prenatal. 
  • Try to conceive. 
  • If no luck in a year, investigate labs
  • …and it may be time for IVF.


A Functional Medicine approach to preconception care

The functional approach to preconception care digs WAY deeper. We recommend 6-12 months of preconception care BEFORE you even start trying to conceive so that things are in a good place right off the bat!

  • We still recommend a prenatal (but with higher quality ingredients) and we’ll also recommend personalized supplements based on your needs and goals. 
  • Right off the bat we’ll dive into lab testing looking at nutrients, hormones, thyroid, and more based on needs. 
  • Work on any needs for detoxification EARLY.
  • Focus on nutrition and nourishing foods to support a healthy pregnancy. 
  • Work on stress reduction and mindfulness
  • Make sure your gut health is on point. 
  • ..and more depending on individual needs! 


For more info on my Functional Approach to Fertility HERE! If you are looking to conceive or struggling with fertility book a free 15 minute consultation today!