Healthy Habits

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Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits 

In 2024, let’s skip the restricting and dieting and focus on creating lasting health habits that will help to create optimal, lifelong health. As you may know, I am passionate about bringing health and wellness content to the masses. I believe health doesn’t have to be complicated and that by starting with a few small habits, we can see big changes. In this 31 day challenge, we’ll discuss 10 healthy habits for the New Year. Not to worry, if 10 seems like too many, start with one or two and if it feels good, add another the next week and the next. If you want to dive right in with all 10, by all means! These are meant to be quick, simple habit shifts that you can keep lifelong. In the coming pages, I’ll dive into the science and the why behind these health habits to help make them stick.

I truly believe that a few simple shifts in our every day habits can be a catalyst for positive change. I’m eager to help others implement these changes for lifelong health and wellness and to feel better, starting today. I hope you enjoy this 31 day challenge and my hope is you’ll carry these habits beyond January!

Top 10 Healthy Habits for 2024

    1. Drink water upon awakening
    2. Daily mindfulness
    3. Eat before coffee
    4. Morning sunlight
    5. Increase fiber
    6. Minimize added sugar
    7. Eat the rainbow
    8. 30 minutes daily movement
    9. Cut screen time before bed
    10. Read 10 pages per night

To learn more about these healthy habits, email me at [email protected] and I will send you the full challenge ebook!

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Happy New Year!