Top 10 Non-Toxic Products

Alison Percowycz, NP cleaning berries using non-toxic product cleaning solution.

Top 10 Non-Toxic Products

Alison’s Top 10 Non-toxic Products

This is a list of my Top 10 Non-toxic products for the home and personal care products that I have switched over to in the past few years and now there is no going back. I genuinely LOVE all of these products and feel so much better knowing we are getting exposed to fewer endocrine disrupting chemicals in our home. We can’t control everything in our environment but we can try to do the best we can making small changes and choices each day. For more on Reducing Toxic Exposures, check out this blog post here. And for more on what exactly is Detox, read more here

Here are my favorite Top 10 Non-toxic Products!  

  1. Branch Basics cleaning products. I love this non-toxic product because you can use it to clean anything in the home: the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, to wash produce, and you can even use it as a face wash or kids shampoo! I also love traveling with their travel size bottles to wipe down a hotel room or airbnb, give the kids a bath or be able to easily do laundry while away! The also have an oxygen boost which can help with cleaning the sink, shower or getting stains out of clothes! You won’t regret trying this, click HERE to head to the Branch Basics Website. 
  2. Primally Pure skincare products. These were a game changer for me when swapping out regular care products for non-toxic options. I honestly haven’t tried a single product of theirs that I haven’t loved but a few of my favorite non-toxic skin care products they offer are:
        1. Their Dry Shampoo: it works amazing and has a fresh minty scent. It also comes in light and dark formulations for different hair colors!
        2. Plumping cream and serum: part of my evening skincare routine and helping keep my skin hydrated and feeling a little more youthful!
        3. Everything Spray: Literally use it for everything! A quick cleanse before bed, to freshen up under the arms after a workout, or as a soothing spray on irritated skin. It has a herbal scent that I enjoy! 
  3. Native Nectar Botanicals: Based out of Crested Butte, Colorado (my favorite mountain town!), these non-toxic skincare products are fabulous! My top two favs are their Charcoal skin cleanser and Micellar Cleansing Water
  4. Ilia Beauty. Admittedly, I don’t wear make-up everyday but these products have been great for the occasions which I  do wear make-up! I love their mascara, blush stick and eye-shadow palette
  5. Earth Mama pregnancy, postpartum and baby/kids products: the diaper balm and nipple butter, pregnancy and lactation teas, and kids bath supplies are my top favs but can’t go wrong with any of their products!
  6. Fluoride Free Toothpaste: We love Wellnesse and Boka fluoride-free with nano-hydroxyapatite to help with remineralization. 
  7. Dr. Tung’s Smartfloss: The BEST dental floss! Expands and stretches to get more plaque. No plastic, no fluoride, no PFAS. 
  8. doTERRA essential oils: We’ve basically tossed everything in our home that has the word “fragrance” listed so instead of candles I will diffuse essential oils from time to time (and open the windows!) and use these with the Branch Basics cleaning products to give some scent and in the laundry. 
  9. Teas: You are probably thinking, tea is toxic!? It is always good to get organic teas when possible but did you know that the tea bags can be made with plastic and when steeped in hot water can release millions of microplastic particles! I like Pique Tea because there is no bag involved, they are tea crystals that you dissolve into your hot water. I also like Numi Teas which you can find in most health food and grocery stores. Their tea bags are made of manila hemp cellulose (plant fiber) and are completely compostable. 
  10. AquaTru water filter. We have their countertop reverse osmosis, alkaline water filter and have been so happy with it. It is important to check your water status and see what type of filter would work best to filter out what chemicals might be present. 

I hope this list of my Top 10 Non-toxic Products helps guide you or inspires you to make some swaps in your home and in your life for more non-toxic options!!